Sunday, 19 February 2012

Binge Binge bloody BINGE!

Was so hungry today...
Had 1200kcals today... spread over the day.
I could seriously smack myself :(
I think it was because i had like NO sleep last night....
But its just.. SICK!
And i dont have ANY energy to exercise either :(
I had a 6hour shift in work though, so i guess i burnt like half off....
just... AHH!


The Corner Girl said...

as I'm sure you know, 1200 cals isn't a binge, especially if it's spread out through the day. :) Even if it feels like a binge, that's what normal ppl without ED's have each day, if not more. I hope that the things you wanted was healthy. I had way more than desired today too. I feel so out of control. I'm gonna try the SGD tomorrow and we'll see how that goes. Good luck! Tomorrow's a new day ^^

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