Sunday, 12 February 2012

Determination is a beautiful thing.

I am SO on this right now, its unreal.
Like, i can eat some to keep people happy, but im not remotely in the "omg i will eat and never stop and binge FML" mid set.
So, today:
a breakfast bar with oats: 88kcal.
like, third of a chicken burger (to keep my fiance happy): 100kcal.
1 cup Pasta with the TINIEST amount of sauce...280kcal.
So thats; 468kcal.
Oh, and i purged the pasta. So, ya know.
Also, i burnt like 750kcal in work :)
so all in all- somethin like -250netkcal.
Which, is awesome.

I printed a pic of me at my ALMOST lowest weight, and am going to put it in my bag, then if im ever close to a binge, ill look at it.
because, damn, i have to be there. and back to my lowest.
So, another day over, roll on tomorrow :)


Dainty said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. Awesome job on yesterday's intake! Best of luck to you today; you've got my support. By the way, I love this idea of carrying around an old picture of yourself. I might have to try that too.

<3 Dainty

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