Sunday, 12 February 2012

Its a small world..

I was scrolling through a photo album on PT, a site i have been a member on since may09.
Anyway, im scrolling through and then BAM! Is a picture of someone i know.
Someone i breifly dated.
Someone i have lost touch with.
I was freaking out!!
So, i plucked up the courage to message her on facebook.

So, i messaged her then told her i saw her on pt....
And i was worried for her reaction, but she was okay.
She was happy. Happy she could finally talk to someone who understand and wont judge.
Happy we got instantly close again.

We talked for a while, about our ed's. About life.
It was just, so nice. So easy.
We have vowed to text a lot now. Keep each other motivated.
That may sound bad but, it what we both wants... And need.


Im down 1lb again today.
I want to lose 50lb in 5 months. I think that is acheivable.
Then i will be perfection.

Tiny bit of Thinspiration? Okay. :)


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