Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Plan... lets see how long this lasts.

So, i weighed myself this morning.. down 0.5lb since yesterday :)
Im going to be weighing myself twice a week in future, instead of everyday.
Lets see how this plans out,
im a scale addict haha.
but i know when i do that and see the weight more clearly come off, instead of stressin out when i see it go up 0.1lb in a day, you know?
So, weigh in days from next week are Monday and Thursday.
Still feeling ill, not complaining though, means i cant eat.
Sick aren't i...
We meant to be going to that buffet tomorrow, and if im still ill.. i can get away with just having a bowl of soup and some salad.
Fucking Score.

Got to spend today waiting on the gas/electric people to come over, between 12-8. No doubt they will come at 7.55. fuckers.

Enjoy your day wherever you are, lovely followers. .
I know im going to have TONNES of fun today.


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