Saturday, 11 February 2012

Another day at the office...

Work work work...
That is all i do.
I am NOT complaining too much though, it keeps me busy, burns the calories. Simples.
Just hate that i work around food... Ugh.
Anyway im 1lb down from yesterday... that makes 5lb since tuesday.
That's a very good week all in all...
I want to lose another 11lb AT LEAST by 1st march...
Then i have two weeks away with my family and fiance.
Well, that shall be fun.
I already see arguments happening.
And i need to work out my plan for the fortnight... i havent spent more than 3 days with my family for several months...
I can sense a lot of purging, and possibly laxatives.
I just gotta keep positive.
It will be fine.
As long as i don't gain that fortnight, all will be okay.
I hope.....
Anyway.. Thinspo to start the day.
Goodbye xo


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