Monday, 13 February 2012


We don't have money till thursday, so valentines day is then for us.
BUT she wants to go to the chinese buffet, and i want her to have a nice day so...
WHAT do i do?
Planning on having a plate of salad.. then just one plate of buffet...
and try purge?
I dont know.. its my only meal for the day so..
How possible is it to go over 800 at a chinese buffet?
If i can work it all out before hand i will be okay, 
actually i will.
I will look up the calories in chinese food, as i dont eat it i dont know it...
and work out how much of what i can have...
GAH. stress.
I suppose, its one day, and ive been having 500 lately so... It will give my metabolism a boost if i eat 800...
and ill work out as much as i can.... just the FAT ugh :/

On another note: good day.
570 cals today, NINE hours at work. so, ive more than worked off my cal intake for the day.
gonna do some cardio for 30 mins, shower, and have an early night for work tomorrow.

Thankyou lovely followers, and thankyou Dainty for your comment <3


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