Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Death warmed up.....

Dunno whats up with me..... 
I woke up this morning shaking uncontrollably. 
i was freezing, but sweating. i had a wild stomach pain. a wild headache. and my heart beating so fast, its beyond normal.

So, i was due t ogo to work so dragged myself to the kitchen, sat at the breakfast bar with my head down for like 10 minutes before making some toast, when it was cooked i put chocolate spread on it.
I thought maybe my blood sugar was low, its happened before when im all shaky,,,, but i dont normally have the rest of the side effects....
Its just made me feel even more ill.
Had to phone in sick to work because if i even tried to make the 30 mins walk to work, and an 8 hour shift i would have probs passed out.
Gutted i phoned in, because there goes my chance of burning all the cals i do at work.
Now im laid on the sofa, still feelin like absolut hell, and kinda worried bout myself... just the fact my heart is STILL beating super super super fast.... almost 5 hours later...... 


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